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As an alternative of companions, you’ll have the ability to unlock pleasant animal amigos in Far Cry 6. These creatures don’t get in your manner, they usually’ll struggle to the dying to guard you. Every animal companion has a unique function and skills — Growth Growth can retrieve loot from defeated enemies, whereas the omnipotent Oluso can strike from the shadows and makes enemy our bodies actually disappear. There are 5 completely different animal companions, and a few of them are virtually Easter eggs. Growth Growth is a returning Boomer from Far Cry 5, fortunately smuggled to security. There are different cute, bonkers animals to unlock. So right here’s find out how to get them as quickly as you full the tutorial.

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How To Unlock Guapo, The Crocodile

Guapo is an indignant croc with the flexibility to mangle guards and take a great deal of injury in a firefight. Guapo heals quick and self-revives when downed. Guapo is a Fight Amigo.

Guapo is unlocked routinely within the story, after finishing “Assembly the Monterros” mission. You may’t miss him!

How To Unlock Chorizo, The Cute Pet

Chorizo is an cute tiny canine with prosthetic wheels to assist him get round. He’s a Stealth Amigo. His beginning means permits Chorizo to distract guards.

Journey to Monterro Farm and search for the Chorizo close to the doorway. His canine home is close to the trail to the middle constructing. Work together with Chorizo to start the mission “Who’s a Good Boy?” — you’ll must learn the observe, then journey to the Yaran Crocodile Looking Spot. Acquire croc meat, and begin the second mission “Fetch Quest” to achieve Chorizo as a companion.

How To Unlock Growth Growth, The Canine

Growth Growth is the return of Boomer from Far Cry 5. A US import, Growth Growth will steal weapons and loot lifeless our bodies for you. Growth Growth is a Stealth amigo.

Journey to Camp Maximas (Guerilla Camp) in Balaceras. In the course of camp close to all of the NPC distributors, search for a pole with a observe pinned to it. Learn the observe to start “Growth Or Bust” — go to Feroza and discover the blue transport container on the prepare tracks within the depot. Break it open to achieve Growth Growth.

How To Unlock Chicharron, The Rooster

A robust rooster companion, Chicharron is without doubt one of the trickier amigos to unlock. Chicharron is a Fight Amigo.

Journey to Sierra Perdida and attain the placement listed under — it’s in the course of nowhere. Start the “Man’s Greatest Enemy” quest, then proceed to finish all of the quests on this chain to lastly unlock Chicharron as a everlasting amigo.

Journey to this location to start the Chicharron questline.

How To Unlock Oluso, The Black Panther

Oluso is essentially the most mystical amigo you’ll be able to unlock — a literal beast from the shadows. This legendary creature causes our bodies to vanish after attacking. Oluso is a Stealth Amigo.

To unlock, journey to Oluwa Cave on Quito island, on the Ventura Summit. (Test the placement within the image under.) Travelling into the cave and analyzing the unusual markings will start the “Triada Blessings” quest. Three Treasure Hunt places will likely be marked in your map. Journey to all three places, acquire the idols, then return all of them to this cave. For finishing it, you’ll unlock Olusa (Black Panther Amigo), an X-Ray imaginative and prescient Supremo that marks all enemies, and a novel Resolver weapon you’ll be able to solely get by finishing this quest.

Oluwa Cave is positioned right here in Quito.

And that’s all of the amigos! Which is your favourite? Personally, I’ve received to go together with the Black Panther. I’m all about stealth, and Oluso is the last word stealth amigo.

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