Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye doesn’t simply cover one large secret — there are two. Discovering the invisible house station is simply your first step. When you’ve boarded the large spinning enclosure, you may teleport to a second location in a far-away photo voltaic system. Sure, we’re travelling to a different planet fully. Considered one of full darkness, that’s filled with terrifying stalkers able to put out your mild perpetually. And discovering your method to the hidden planet isn’t simple.

To get there, it’s worthwhile to perceive some fairly arcane mechanics. The sport will solely outright clarify all these particulars for those who’ve searched each inch of the Stranger — and an actual clear clarification is simply accessible in a room that’s so secret and hard-to-reach, discovering the hidden planet space is actually an entire lot simpler. If you happen to’re struggling and don’t know what to do on the Stranger, right here’s one big second step in your journey.

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How To Journey To The Hidden World | Walkthrough

There’s a hidden mechanic on the Stranger that permits you to transport to totally different areas of a distant planet — the planet options 4 areas, which you’ll entry by way of three Mural Temples. By using this mechanic, you may inch barely nearer to your remaining purpose and uncover the thriller behind the Stranger.

  • How To Journey To The Hidden World:
    • To journey to the distant planet, it’s worthwhile to enter the key room in Mural Temples whereas holding an artifact.
    • Contained in the Secret Ritual Room, choose “Doze Off” when wanting on the inexperienced fireplace.
    • You’ll get up on one other planet.

All three Mural Temples have a secret room. The Mural Temples are situated in; Hidden Gorge, River Lowlands and Cinder Isles. You may teleport from all three of those temples — every temple consists of a small room crammed with murals. The room is similar in any respect three areas.

  • How To Unlock The Secret Door In The Mural Temples:
    • In any Mural Temple, take away the lanterns from the mural with a shiny ringed planet. The ringed planet mural is at all times the hidden door.
    • As soon as the ringed planet mural is in full darkness, it can recede and reveal the hidden passage.

Take the hidden passage to the Secret Ritual Room. These rooms are filled with lifeless alien our bodies holding bizarre gadgets, with a inexperienced fireplace within the heart. To journey to the distant world, it’s worthwhile to purchase an Artifact.

  • How To Purchase An Artifact:
    • Within the River Lowlands the place you at all times begin on the Stranger, there’s an deserted home on the fitting shore coated in Ghost Matter.
    • Go round to the again (left of the entrance door) and enter the home by way of the damaged flooring.
    • The Artifact is on the desk.

When you purchase the Artifact from the Ghost Matter Home as soon as, you’ll know the place the ghost matter is situated and might simply seize it each time you enter the Stranger proper initially. There are numerous different areas with Artifacts, however they’re typically additional out-of-the-way. The Ghost Matter Home is straight subsequent to your beginning location, so at all times simple to entry.

On the opposite facet of the Ritual Rooms, there are 4 areas you may entry which are shrouded in whole darkness. In case your inexperienced artifact mild goes out, you’ll immediately teleport out of the realm. Creatures stalk the darkness in the hunt for you. New mechanics will pressure you to assume with mild and shadow.

Simply keep in mind that you may Conceal and Focus with the artifact. Focus your mild to trigger sure results, and conceal to keep away from threats. This can be a completely totally different expertise than the rest in Outer Wilds. Discover all three areas by way of the Ritual Rooms (Infinite Canyon, Starlit Cove, Shrouded Woodlands) for clues to your subsequent goal.

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