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Going to Dublin? Or just curious about the place? This travel guide will show you what to do in Dublin as well as fill you in on some tips and tricks to make your vacation epic!

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland as well as its most populated city. It is however a small capital and one of the most walkable I’ve ever visited. For this reason, I don’t think a public transport card is needed for visiting most main attractions in the city center. The best way to explore is on foot.

For the record, none of this sponsored content, I make it for you guys to be able to travel effortlessly. So what should you check out when you’re in Dublin? Let’s goooo!

1) Ha’ Penny Bridge
This historic bridge over the River Liffey was built back in 1816, to replace the many ferries that shuttled people back and forth between the north and south side.

2) St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Founded in 1191 it is Ireland’s largest Church and National Cathedral.
St. Patrick’s day can be a lot of fun in Dublin, as long as you are up for the crowds!


3) Christ Church Cathedral
Founded in 1030 it is older than St. Patrick’s.


4) Dublin Castle
Built in the early 13th century, the castle sits on the site of a Viking settlement and has a colorful history.


5) Temple Bar
Here you will find unconventional boutiques, Cafes and most famously, pubs! Once a neighborhood frequented by locals, it has become tourist central. However there is a lot of history here and it’s a fun place to visit.

6) The Brazen Head pub
It’s been serving ale since 1198, that’s 825 years! It’s Dublin’s oldest bar.

Brazen Head

7) Guinness Storehouse
If you’ve already traveled all the way to Dublin, you may as well learn the history of the country’s most famous beer. And learn to pour your own Guinness while you’re at it!


8) The Irish Whiskey museum
Opt for this tour over the more popular Jameson Distillery tour — unless you love Jameson. At this museum you’ll learn about the history of Irish whiskey and sample them too!

Irish Whiskey Museum – Home

9) Trinity College
It’s Ireland’s Oldest university founded in 1592 and the home of the Book of Kells.


10) St. Stephen’s Green
The park was reopened to the public in 1880 and is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you love fun facts, Dublin is rich with history! I recommend you do a free walking tour of the city where local guides take you on a journey through the streets where history unfolded pretty much right where you’re standing. Several companies offer these tours. See which suits you best and reserve your spot!


If you are already looking at flights, I’d say you can see most major attractions in 2 days, but if you don’t want to be running around from place to place, I recommend a 4-day trip. That way, you can choose a museum or two that peaks your interest.

Other things to note:
It’s a pricey city to sleep and eat.

You’ll see the Irish language written on every sign along with English. Yep, Irish is a language! “Sláinte,” meaning ‘health’ is the Irish word for cheers.

An easy and affordable way to get from the airport to the city center is
the bus service called Dublin Express.


While you’re in Ireland, don’t stop at Dublin! Get some extra days off work and take a road trip around the Ring of Kerry. More about that in my video “Ring of Kerry: The Ultimate Irish Road Trip.”

Now get out of here and go explore!