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So after living in Japan for nearly 7 years in total and making videos on youtube for 3 of them, I realised that I’ve never actually made a definitive list of all my Japan travel tips and advice all together so here it is. International travel is starting to open up around the world so when Japan follows suit, you’ve now got all the advice you need to plan the best trip possible. Gosh damn I can’t wait till everyone can come visit! Come say hi in Osakaaaaa.

00:00 Intro
01:17 When will Japan open again?
2:00 Worst time to visit
4:30 Sponsor
5:36 Public transport vs Car
9:57 Cost of travel
14:39 Helpful Apps
16:05 Do I need to speak Japanese?
17:24 Food for vegans
20:40 Must-haves to bring

Helpful links and resources:
JR Pass Prices:

List of countries that can get international driving permit: https://www.keishicho.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/multilingual/english/traffic_safety/drivers_licenses/geneva.html

Information for International Driving Permits for ppl from countries like: Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland and Taiwan: https://english.jaf.or.jp/driving-in-japan/drive-in-japan/switch-to-japanese-license

Help for Vegans in Japan:

The helpful vegan phrase:
“I am vegan, I don’t eat beef, chicken, fish or seafood, egg, dairy products, honey or other animal derived ingredients.”
“私はビーガンです。蓄肉・鶏肉・魚介類 などの肉類、卵・乳製品・ハチミツなどの 動物由来の食品は一切食べません”

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