Hiii!! I’ve finally made my way back to Hong Kong after 5 years, and even though this is quick trip I’ll be sharing everything we ate and did in just 3 days! If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong in the near future, be sure to watch this travel guide and my Disneyland video below for all the best tips!

Disneyland Hong Kong:

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0:00 intro
0:20 ritz-carton room tour
1:13 disneyland hong kong
1:30 bus to jordan
1:56 australian dairy company
2:22 man mo temple
2:46 clean coffee shop
3:11 oyster card tips
3:56 ritz carlton afternoon tea
4:20 exploring mong kok
4:50 shake shack exclusive menu
6:10 monster building
6:24 oldest dim sum in hong kong
7:00 outro

Music by Mr. Chase – Life – https://thmatc.co/?l=1700780F

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