Holidaymakers trying to get a free improve on their flights could wish to hearken to the airline crew sharing their secrets and techniques on-line. From easy frequent sense to bribery, there are lots of methods to get on the nice facet of a flight crew.

Reddit consumer aflyboy is “an airline worker” who’s seen all of it, together with a passenger who complained the pilot on her flight flew “too excessive”.

He recalled: “Tens of 1000’s of passengers fly by means of my airport on daily basis with out saying a phrase, however when one chimes in, it is all the time a nightmare.

“My favorite was just some months in the past when a woman got here off a cross nation flight and demanded to talk to my superior and demanded the pilot get fired for ‘flying too excessive’.”

The “nightmare” passenger proceeded to clarify: “She went right into a fury explaining that the captain stated we would be flying at 36,000 toes when he made his bulletins, however when she checked the navigation channel on the seatback TV the altitude was listed as 38,000 toes.”

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The airline worker continued: “This was life-threatening she stated, threatened to get her attorneys concerned and that any ‘regular’ pilot would have stayed at 34,000 toes simply to be protected.

“We stated we would handle it when he received off the airplane, informed the pilot-in-command as he offloaded the plane and proceeded to just about throw up from laughter.”

Evidently, aflyboy’s recommendation to get a free improve didn’t embody complaining.

Whereas he’d skilled some uncommon clients’ complaints, he additionally had suggestions for holidaymakers who needed a free improve.


Recounting his expertise, he stated: “Buyer Service Brokers are the primary folks that may make or break your journey.

“Yelling, screaming, getting crabby, lewd, patronizing, solely makes your journey worse and worse.

“Golden rule: Be good. Easy.”

He continued: “Smile, joke round, preserve a constructive disposition.

He stated: “I flew with an airline transatlantic in August, in economic system.

“I approached the lead flight attendant (the one which greets you as your board) and launched myself and thanked them for having me on board, exchanged pleasantries and handed him a mini pack of maple syrup.

“Sat down for about 5 minutes in my coach seat earlier than he got here by and stated he was sorry, however ‘my seat project was sadly modified’.

“I spent the subsequent seven hours in a lay-flat mattress with all of the Gray Goose I may deal with.”

Whereas he was an airline worker and should have been given particular therapy due to it, he was certain everybody may benefit from the tip.

He stated: “Now, this was a standby flight, however common travellers also can get this therapy, I’ve seen it!”

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